Chicken Pot Pies

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It’s been an unusual week in my kitchen.  Three new recipes in a row were flops. I can’t remember the last time that happened.  The last one went directly from my oven to the trash.  What should have been tall, airy popovers were little hockey puck like blobs that hadn’t risen an inch.  By the time I fussed with this failure it was late afternoon and I needed something quick and simple for dinner. I had a chicken breast in the fridge, plus a few veggies and a box of puff pastry in the freezer and I decided on a recipe I knew wouldn’t let me down – chicken pot pies.

This is such a simple dish that a recipe really isn’t needed.   I poached the chicken breast in  3 cups chicken stock for about 20 minutes.   While it was cooking I sauteed diced carrots in butter until almost tender and then added diced onion and a little celery.  When this mixture was almost done I added a few peas and some chopped parsley. I then diced the chicken breast and divided it among 4 ramekins along with the veggie mixture.

I thickened the chicken stock to the consistency I like, not too thick, and poured it over the chicken and veggie mixture. I added plenty of gravy because the pastry top absorbs some of it while the pies bake.  I then cut a sheet of puff pastry into 4 oval shapes, decorated them with a few little heart cutouts and placed them on top of the chicken mixture.   I brushed the tops with a little beaten egg  and put them into a 400° oven for about 30 minutes or until bubbly and nicely browned. As Ina would say “how easy is that!”

I love trying new recipes and I hope I have better luck with what’s on the menu the rest of this week.  I may stick with the tried-and-trues for a few days until I feel adventurous again.  No snow today but it’s raining cats and dogs and blowing like crazy out there so I’m thinking a pot of goulash and some split pea and ham soup. I know these recipes won’t let me down.


  1. Rita says

    It seems we all have days like that; don;t know why, but is sure is frustrating. I remember throwing disaster breads in the garbage.
    These pies are a real success! Love the idea of making individual ramekins; I have some with my pottery set, but I find them kind of small for a meal for my husband. Just had an inspiration…I could give him 2 and 1 for moi. So nice t have a box of pastry in the freezer to save the day.

  2. Ramona says

    ChPotPie is one of my absolute favorite foods. I think it would be on my last meal request.

    Okay, you’ll have to tell me how you thicken the broth. Flour? Cornstarch? Cause it looks so good and now I want one.
    Ramona recently posted..Brother LoveMy Profile

  3. Kris says

    Oh, I had that happen to me a couple of weeks ago. I blogged it. I used turmeric in a recipe and I hated it!!!
    I have never made my chicken pot pies as individual pies, but that is such a great idea! I too have a pot of ham and bean soup on the menu for this chilly week. I made a favorite last night, beef barley! YUM!!!

  4. Kate says

    So sorry for the disaster. I had that experience with a new Christmas cookie recipe…they went directly to the trash also. It does looks as though you were able to end the day with lovely and delicious Chicken Pot Pies. I love them…perfect comfort food!
    Kate recently posted..Backyard CitrusMy Profile

  5. CiaochowLinda says

    You’re definitely not alone in having a kitchen flop. I’ve had my share too. you had a great recovery with these pot pies.
    CiaochowLinda recently posted..Baked ApplesMy Profile

  6. Erin @ Making Memories says

    This looks wonderful! Perfect on a rainy cold day like today!
    Erin @ Making Memories recently posted..Valentine’s Day IdeasMy Profile

  7. Holliday says

    Bummer about the kitchen mishaps! C’est la vie I guess. Anyways, this dinner looks perfect on a chilly night! I like the individual servings and since I am a household of 1 these days it will be nice to make and take to work the next day or maybe freeze for a quick dinner. And the heart cutouts are so sweet!
    Holliday recently posted..Kitchen Sink Tomato Soup and Tuna Cheddar QuesadillasMy Profile

  8. Bonjour Romance says

    I have those little mishaps all the time, but I think the chicken pot pie looks like a winter. On my dinner menu tomorrow. One to better kitchen hijnks.
    Take care,
    Bonjour Romance recently posted..Luxury Car – French StyleMy Profile

  9. Magic of Spice says

    Sorry about the recipe flops, very frustrating :( This pot pie however looks amazing…the crust is simply gorgeous!
    Magic of Spice recently posted..What’s on the side? Roasted Root Vegetables with Red Current and Herb DipMy Profile

  10. Monique says

    cathy we have had the same popover flops! I used to make Inas..perfect..tried 2 new ones..Oyoyoy..Trash also..Hard..ugh..
    WE had pot pies..success!!

    Yours look scrumptious..But I made another stew type meal and topped it with puff pastry and the puff sand.:( Pas beau!!!
    Thank goodness a lemon tart turned into perfection..~

    You just need a few hits and you forget the misses..
    Monique recently posted..Marie’s Pizza Puffs~My Profile

  11. Becki's Whole Life says

    Sorry about the flops – it happens to the best of us, right? These pot pies sound and look wonderful. Love having stuff in the pantry and fridge that can create dishes like this…and I particularly like the puff pastry!
    Becki’s Whole Life recently posted..Banana Crumb MuffinsMy Profile

  12. Penny says

    You saved the day with these pot pies! My problem has been coming up with new recipes. I have not been inspired lately; need to haul out my old issues of Gourmet to get me going again. Stay dry and I hope your weather improves soon.
    Penny recently posted..Spicy Spinach and Artichoke DipMy Profile

  13. Raina says

    Sorry to hear you had some flops this week. That is very frustrating. It happens to me more often than Your pot pies definitely look like winners. They look beautiful and sound delicious. I am a huge pot pie and will definitely make these; I love finding simple but very yummy recipes:)
    Raina recently posted..Chai-spiced BreadMy Profile

  14. Aimee says

    What a wonderful idea for chicken pot pies–I love puff pastry and I love the idea of everyone having their own pie! Thanks:)
    PS: Ah the joy (and pain) of kitchen flops.

  15. Happier Than A Pig in Mud says

    If there’s one thing I know about, it’s disappointing dishes! The pot pie looks great and yep, a batch of pea soup can make everything better:@)

  16. Pam says

    Cathy, your pot pies look mouthwatering delicious! This is perfect food for the cold weather here. I’ve also had my share of flops this past week with baking bread, using new recipes. It all ended up out on the snow for the critters.

  17. Lynda says

    Don’t you just hate when a recipe dosen’t work? I threw out a new recipe last week too. What a waste. However, these cute pot pies look delicious winners. They’d hit the spot anytime Cathy.
    Lynda recently posted..One – Minute Tomato SalsaMy Profile

  18. Susan says

    Funny, I had a flop this past week too. Not fun going through all of that work and the ingredients involved only to have it be a dud.

    There is nothing better than a tried and true chicken pot pie on a cold, winter evening and the ingredients are something most of us always have on hand.
    Susan recently posted..Lemon Angel WingsMy Profile

  19. Marilyn says

    I really need to try chicken pot pies again. They always look so good, but then I haven’t found a recipe I like. I must try this. Thanks!
    Marilyn recently posted..A Tea KettleMy Profile

  20. Pat Hinkel says

    Oh, I just love your recipe here for the chicken pot pies. Thank you for sharing . Pat
    Pat Hinkel recently posted..Tuscan Vegetable SoupMy Profile

  21. Karen says

    I adore pies Cathy and these look just like the little pub pies that we get at our local……so that means they must be good! LOVELY!
    PS: I am asking all my lovely friends who have me and my blog listed on their sidebars or in their dashboards, that they need to change the url to now so you get all my latest posts and are up to date! I have just changed to WordPress! Thanks! XXXX

  22. Jamie says

    I love chicken pot pie and have been meaning to make it for ages and ages! I even have puff pastry in the fridge. Maybe today is the day! Yours are perfect! And ugh I know we all have flop stories but several in a row would be discouraging indeed. And funny you mention popovers – last time I tried making the popover recipe I used to make when I was in college….flopped big and I haven’t gone back to make them since!
    Jamie recently posted..CAULIFLOWER AND POTATO GRATINMy Profile

  23. Karen (Back Road Journal) says

    Tried and true is sometimes the best. I love chicken pot pie…it must have been very comforting after a not so successful day with popovers.
    Karen (Back Road Journal) recently posted..Moroccan Chicken StewMy Profile

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