Travel Notes – Do They Really Park That Way?

I hope you aren’t thinking
Oh no, not another post about Paris!
Yes, I’m afraid so.
I’m still on a high after a wonderful trip
and love sharing some of the highlights of my adventure with you.
Getting around the city is so easy
and here are several ways to take in the sights.
The view from the river is wonderful.
Sightseeing buses are inexpensive and convenient.
This one picks up and drops off across the street from Notre Dame Cathedral.
Bikes are available to rent all around the city.
You can ride one for as long as you wish
and then drop it off at any bike stand.
I’ve shown you this photograph before and I still think it is funny.
Parking spaces are scarce so drivers are very creative about where and how they park.
There is a lot to be said for small cars.
Yes, they really do park this way…all the time.
We saw a car pinned in like this front and back.
The driver bumped into both cars until she had pushed them far enough away
so she could get out of the space.  Bang…bang…bang.
More of the same.
There is nothing wrong with this driver’s parking skills.
I just liked the car.
Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of Paris life.
bonne journee


  1. Susan says

    NEVER enough Paris talk!! I had to chuckle at the parking pictures. Good reason for Americans not to even try driving in Paris!!! I can understand your French high.

  2. From the Kitchen says

    Keep those photos coming. I feel as if I'm there. The parking? Well, I've seen some pretty creative parking in Chicago. When it snows, people dig out their residential spaces and "save" them with cones, chairs, etc. Usually works.


  3. Kate says

    I love the Paris tour! No need to stop for me. They must have dinged up bumpers if they have to bump one another to get out!

  4. Christy says

    I miss Paris so much! We dropped off our luggage at our hotel, found a parking deck, and didn't get in the car again until vacation was over. No way did I want to drive any more than necessary there! When we lived in Germany, we were told by the driving instructor that if there's not a sign saying it can't be done, they'll do it! It's so true!

  5. girlichef says

    I'm with everybody else…keep on talking Paris! =) This is hilarious…I think I'd be taking pictures, too. I think I might freak out if I came out to find my car blocked on both sides. I guess they must be used to pushing their way out. Fun post!

  6. Rita says

    Bonjour Cathy,
    I love anything you post about Paris;I've never been, but I did spend a month in Provence a few years ago. And anything about France fascinates me…so bring it on svp.

  7. Mrs. Tuna says

    Wow, pretty amazing parking, the tiny cars likely have a lot to do with the high cost of gas in Europe.

  8. Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen says

    Like the others, never enough France for me Cathy. Keep 'em coming.

    Small cars are in. Gas prices in Europe have been high even before the current oil hike and diesel is king there. Maybe we can learn something from them here in the states.

  9. La Table De Nana says

    Ah yes those classic cars:)

    Loved them in France and fell in love w/ Smart cars's just that in all our snow:( It gets lost aquaintance told me that..yet a friend is on her second.I love them..
    They are creative for parking:)

    We have those bikes too..I never use them but Mtl.has them..Loved those buses in Italy..Rome is where we used it..

  10. Big Dude says

    Driving in Europe is definately different as are the cars. All you need do is get out in the country side and drive thrugh the towns with narrow streets designed for oxcarts to understand the car size – not many SUV's or pick-up trucks in Europe. And as best I could tell the rules of the road were whoever had the most guts went first – thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  11. Ciao Chow Linda says

    You can keep talking about Paris forever. It's such a dreamy city. Love the photo with the smart cars parked in different ways – and the Citroen in the last picture (I think it's a Citroen) is just so evocative of France. Wish I were there.

  12. God's Perfect Promises says

    Wow they really do park/drive like that, amazing! I thought that was just in the movies/tv. Tamara @ God's Perfect Promises

  13. My Little Space says

    No thank you! I'm not going to drive in Paris nor park my car like that…kissing to one another but parking the other way round is a good idea. Well, unless the car size allow to! ha… Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great day, Cathy.
    Blesings, KRisty

  14. Pam says

    Give us more Paris talk, love it! Are the restrooms all still unisex? That blew my mind when we were there!

  15. Pam says

    I can't believe they park like that! The boats, buses, and bikes would be such a fun way to explore the city.

  16. Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook says

    I can't believe how they park! That wouldn't go over too well here. Love the Paris tour, fun post!

  17. Janine says

    Hi Cathy!! Welcome back!! I have just had a lovely stroll through all the fabulous pictures!! You looked like you had a wonderful time in Paris!! It IS a truly magical place!!
    Have a great day!

  18. Pondside says

    Don't worry – I couldn't possibly become tired of shots/stories of Paris. The everyday things like parking are as interesting as the artistic or cultural. I love that Deux Chevaux!

  19. Rettabug says

    Never ever think that we don't want to go along with you on these wonderful photo tours!! I've never been to France but I remember seeing much the same parking issues in Italy! Funny!

  20. EliFla says

    ahahahah…have you ever been in Italy????…… you must see how many of us park their car!!!! (non only in double lane…even in third!!)ahahahhah, hugs, Flavia

  21. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti says

    I enjoyed your Paris posts! The cars also park bumper to bumper here in NYC! No one has unscratched fenders.

    I always use the "hop on, hop off" buses when I visit a new city. They are informative and a convenient way to see the sights.

  22. Betty @ scrambled henfruit says

    Love your Paris photos! Those cars are so tiny and cute. :) I'm terrible at parking- that would drive me crazy!

  23. Becky says

    Yes, yes, yes. I saw them parked that way ALL the time. It will take me a long time to be brave enough to drive and park in Paris. LOL.

    Cathy, I've reached the 5 year anniversary for my blog. If you get a chance, pop over and register for my giveaway!


  24. Jacqueline says

    Ooh la la! We leave for Paris and Italy in less than two weeks! Your post makes me so excited! I am going to have to go back and read all of them!

  25. SavoringTime in the Kitchen says

    You can keep the photos coming all you want :)

    I can't even imagine trying to get out of a parking spot being pinned in like that! There must be lots of dented bumpers there. Love the creative parking but I guess you'd have to have one of those tiny cars to pull off a vertical park like that.

  26. Velva says

    I know that the park this way! I experienced it, first hand. Did you watch them back-up and pull out of one of those tight spots? It stopped me right in my path when I saw Frenchmen pull out-We Americans would have had a heart attack.

    Paris is an amazing city! Loved it.


  27. Marilyn says

    By the way, I don't see to many posts on Paris. Would love to see more and hear all about your trip.

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