Bacon Lettuce Tomato and Avocado Sandwich

It’s a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l day in my neighborhood today and I’ve been outside filling flower pots and window boxes with red geraniums, white petunias and blue lobelias.  I’m in a patriotic mood this spring and these pots will be so pretty with American flags stuck in them for the summer holidays.

So dinner is simple today  ~  Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Avocado sandwiches on crusty sour dough bread, mint iced tea and lemon pecan icebox cookies I made these cookies several months ago and have unbaked logs of the dough in the freezer so all that is necessary is a short defrost time, 15 minutes in the oven, and warm cookies will be ready for dessert.

I hope you will join in this week’s Foodie Friday celebration at Designs by Gollum.  It’s always a good time and Michael is a wonderful host.  I just love to visit those who participate.  I know you will too.


  1. Barbara says

    That's a great addition to my favorite BLT! And I loved the lemon pecan icebook cookie recipe! Copied it immediately!

    I'm so glad you're enjoying some lovely weather.

  2. Bellini Valli says

    When I was growing up dinners on Friday night were always quick and easy. I love to carry on that tradition.

  3. Velva says

    That is a wonderful sandwich. A perfect meal to fill you up without a lot of time, so you can get outside and continue to fill up those pots with beautiful flowers.

  4. Allie and Pattie says

    Cathy, that happens to be one of my favorite sandwiches! And I'm making those cookies!!
    xoxo Pattie

  5. the country cook says

    Oh yum…bacon AND avocado? And sourdough? You have just made my stomach growl HARD! :-) –

  6. gnee says

    I'll plant the flower pots, if you make the sandwiches at my house…we have to wait till the end of May here. Your meal sounds simply delicious!

  7. The Japanese Redneck says

    Avocado is something I've never thought about using on a sandwich. Interesting.

    Cookies look fantastic.

  8. Pam says

    Oh Cathy! This is my VERY favorite sandwich…thick bacon, lots of mayo, fresh tomatoes and avocado – heaven! I may try to swing by the market tomorrow so I will hopefully see you there.

  9. Erin says

    This sandwich looks DELICIOUS!!! Avocado on anything is so yummy! Heck, I'd eat cardboard if it was covered in avocado (and bacon!!!)

    Enjoy the sunshine! Another beautiful day for the market tomorrow!

  10. Mary says

    This really does look wonderful. Sometimes simple is best. It certainly is beautiful. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  11. Raina says

    Sounds like the perfect day! Your flowers must be beautiful. I like the red, white, and blue idea. I cannot wait for the weather here to warm up a bit so I can get out and plant some flowers also. That sandwich looks very tasty and your cookies look great too!

  12. My Carolina Kitchen says

    A BLT is one of my all time favorites. I love the addition of the avocado. I'll be right over.

  13. heartnsoulcooking says

    What a GREAT!!! way to using avocados, sound like a winner and those lemon cookies sound AWESOME!!!

  14. tasteofbeirut says

    I would do the same, add some avocado to a BLT and call it a day! does not get any better than that and the kids love it!

  15. Americana Lady @Americana By Candlelight says

    A beautiful and yummy looking sandwich. Isn't anything yummy with bacon and avocado as an ingredient! Joan

  16. Martha says

    Mmmm, Sounds delicious! The sandwich and cookies are both perfect for a nice meal after a day of gardening!

  17. Lea Ann says

    I love BLT sandwiches and long for those fresh tomatoes from the garden to really make them delicious. I've been known to throw on an avocado every once in a while. Great photo, I don't know how you got that mayo to look that perfect!

  18. Kathleen says

    That is a fabulous picture..Dh loves on those during the summer!
    I am sure your flower pots look wonderful. HDepot had geraniums on sale..88 cents. I bought lots of pink and a few what I thought were RED..but they are NOT…so I have to find some red for my July 4th pots!
    I love pretty!Lemon cookies sound good too!

  19. The Quintessential Magpie says

    I love the avocado added to that sandwich, Cathy! How delicious!

    And I love the sound of your planter boxes. It will, indeed, be fun for the Fourth!


    Sheila :-)

  20. SavoringTime in the Kitchen says

    A always has to join my BLT 😉 We just got home from a 5-day vacation and I can't wait to buy my potting annuals tomorrow. Your home is going to look great for the 4th!

  21. Sophie says

    Once a week, I eat a sandwich just like this one,..;avocado with &a classic BLT azll yummie together!!

    I also lovvveeeee avocados in nearly everything!! The sandwich looks superb!!

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