Travel Notes: Paris in April

A year ago this month my daughter and I spent two weeks in Paris
The weather was perfect and we had the opportunity to leisurely explore the city
Please join me in a walking tour of one of the most beautiful cities on earth
Paris is the city of flowers
Have you ever seen a double decker carousel?
April is asparagus season in France
My friend lives on this boat on the Seine in full view of the Eiffel Tower
She invited us to dinner one evening and served asparagus as an appetizer
Weren’t we lucky to enjoy a homecooked meal in Paris?
Major sites are well marked and getting around was easy
We couldn’t visit Paris without a stop at The Louvre
We walked from the Louvre to H. Dehillerin, the oldest kitchen equipment shop in the city
 where I bought a copper saucepan that I use every day
~ a perfect memento from this most amazing city
Sacha Finkelsztajn, the most famous Jewish bakery in Paris
located in the Marais
“The best falafel in the world” acccording to David Libovitz, who lists this small take-out place in the Marais as one of his favorite, must-visit restaurants in Paris. Good beyond description.
Busy artists in Montmarte.
There are many lovely places to stop, rest, people watch, and listen to music.
Each day we bought a sandwich and a drink and tucked them into our backpacks as we
 set out on foot to explore the city.
A flower shop on rue Cler
On the weekends and holidays pastry cases are rolled into the streets and filled with breads and sweets of every kind.
Window shopping is an art form
Chopin’s gravesite at Pere Lachaise Cemetery
The end stop on the Bus #69 route around Paris
A walk around Paris wouldn’t be complete without a stroll past
 the Eiffel Tower on a beautiful day.
I hope you enjoyed our walking tour around Paris.
 It was the trip of a lifetime for my daughter and me, one that I enjoy over and over
 as I browse through my albums and journals.  Thanks for sharing it with me.


  1. Raina says

    That was so nice. I went to Paris about 18 years ago, and looking at your pictures, I felt like I was right back there again. Amazing photos! Thank you!

  2. Kris says

    Oh la la!!! I spent 3 wonderful weeks in Italy with my Mommy 5 years ago. Such memories! I have not been to Paris. I hope to go one day. My Mom has, and she loved it!!
    Wonderful pictures Cathy!!!

  3. Velva says

    Paris is an amazing city. Thanks for reminding me why I love this city. We will be doing a repeat visit in June. This time I have the old kitchen store on my list… I am thinking a copper pan would be really nice too.

  4. Allie and Pattie says

    Oh Cathy. I am SO envious. That truly was the trip of a lifetime. I think you did it perfectly by walking the city- and to be able to share it with your daughter had to have been the ultimate gift
    xoxo Pattie

  5. La Table De Nana says

    Oh my gosh so many of you are just making me itch to see Paris..LOVELY!Dehillerin would be on my chosen path for certain:)Are you missing not being there?

  6. The Japanese Redneck says

    Great tour. Funny that car parked the wrong way and it's so small it fit.

    I would make myself sick eating asparagus. I luv it.

  7. Paula says

    Ah, Paris! All those colorful flowers — they are so lovely. How wonderful that you have a friend there, too. All the while reading this, I could hear violin music in my head! What a grand tour … and kudos to you for getting a copper pan! :-)

  8. SavoringTime in the Kitchen says

    You just made my cloudy, cold, dreary day so much brighter! What lovely photos and memories, Cathy. What a lovely floating home your friend has.

  9. BonjourRomance says

    Bonjour Cathy,
    Fabulous photos! How lucky the two of you were to explore Paris together.
    Good evening,

  10. Lori (All That Splatters) says

    You took such awesome photos while you were there! I love re-visiting Paris vicariously through your pictorials. I would love to be able to visit France with my daughter – what a great trip that would be. Thank you for sharing your travels with us!

  11. Barbara Bakes says

    I had the opportunity to visit Paris a few years ago and your photos brought back such great memories. Thanks for sharing. It's truly a magical city.

  12. Foley says

    Looks like you had a wonderful trip with your daughter. It's been years since I was in Paris, but would love to go back and see some of the places you mentioned.
    Nice to have such a great memory between the two of you.

  13. zurin says

    OH Cathy! that is beautiful. SUch gorgeous pictures and yes ur right..they are the most wonderful places on earth! I love that yellow bakery..if ever i have a bakery I wld want it to look like that! thank sso much for sharing ur trip.

    n do drop by Cathy. I have a giveaway and its so pretty…its only 4 North Americans so I have to let all my North American friends know..since Ive been off the blog for a while n less people are visiting. Its a lovely giveaway. I hope u try. :)

  14. lostpastremembered says

    I do so want to go to Paris again… your photos really took me back. What a time you must have had!!

  15. Barbara says

    I love Paris! Thank you for all your photos! My daughter lived there for 6 years so I really got to know it well.

  16. tasteofbeirut says


    Thanks for these beautiful clics of Paris; I have lived in Paris and gone there many times to visit relatives but I have never been in someone's houseboat on the Seine! Now that was super interesting to me and I wish you had told us more about it! I also have never made it to the Père Lachaise!

  17. Lazaro Cooks! says

    Saw your profile on another page. Glad I took the time to read your blog. It's informative and really well done. Look forward to following you here. Have a great day. Cheers!

  18. Kathleen says

    I just love the pic of the car wedged in! What a wonderful memory for you! If I could go anywhere it would be Ireland though..:)

  19. Lisa says

    Whenever the spring weather gets questionable I start dreaming of travel. The carousel I photographed on the lakefront in Vevey, Switzerland is a double decker and much the same as the one pictured here.

    I would love to visit Paris again. Thanks for sharing your memories!

  20. Kate says

    Oh Cathy, what a lovely city. I have never been to Paris. I have hopes that I will be able to go someday. The tour through your photographs was fun.

  21. maria says

    my first time visitng your blog and i am greeted with my favorite city in the world. i can't wait to see what awaits my next visit.

  22. Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) says

    Hi, This is my 1st time here. Thanks for sharing these Paris photos, bring me back to sweet memory when I was visited to Paris together with my hubby on our 10th anniversary!

  23. From the Kitchen says

    Cathy, thank you for the beautiful tour. I'd love to pick up an armful of that asparagus, step into the Jewish bakery for a tasty treat, purchase a bouquet from the flower shop and meet your friend who lives on the boat.
    I feel the need to visit our cheese shop, pick up a crusty loaf of bread and open a bottle of wine!


  24. Peter says

    Walking around is defintiely the best, even if Smart cars, bikes, scooters… may be alternatives! (No Hummers here, please!)

  25. Becky says

    Cathy, I am finally catching up with friends' blogs. Thank you so much for taking us back to Paris with you! It was such a special trip for you and your daughter.

  26. Sue says

    Hi Cathy….loved this post…ofcourse!! Didn't know there was a Jewish bakery…so glad you brought home that copper pot..and that asparagus…my gosh did that look fabulous…the color of it was so different then what I see in stores here…and how fun that must have been to eat on a houseboat…You lucky lady…SO when are you going back??

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