Setting the Christmas Table

The big day is almost here
and it’s time to iron linens, polish silver and prepare the table for
Christmas dinner.Holiday baking is in full swing.

I make gingerbread every year
but have never tried to decorate it with
royal icing.

All I can say is that it was a learning experience:

icing too thick
tip too big
frosting everywhere
frustration set in early

Who doesn’t like to see their name on a cookie

I think they are perfect place cards, don’t you?

SOMEBODY is going to take a lesson in cookie decorating.

I did find a wonderful Rolled Gingerbread Cookie recipe
at The Cooking Photographer. The cookies are spicy and delicious,
just the way gingerbread should be.

Little gifts for children in the neighborhood.
They won’t mind the decorations.

to all



  1. Jeannie says

    Beautiful gingerbread cookies and the icing looks great to me. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you and your family Cathy.

  2. Kris says

    Morning Cathy. Your table is lovely. Looks like a formal meal will be served! Your cookies are darling, and as you probably know about me, I never met a cookie I didn't like. I decorate cakes and cookies, and it is a learning process. Yours are great! I used to sell me cakes and cookies, but in this past year I have had my grandson full time, while Mommy works, and I just don't find the joy in it I did when I had nothing but time to play and decorate the day away. So only doing a few now. I ADORE that plate with the holly. Where did you get it???? Have a wonderful Chrismtas! It is cold, windy and raining here. Perfect fof my baking day!

  3. Lissa says

    Wow!!! I think maybe I need to try harder! You put so much effort into this. A little inspiring and intimidating all at the same time!!!

  4. Kate says

    Lovely table! Great photographs!!! :) Spicy gingerbread is the best. I think the cookies look very nice. Great idea for place cards!

  5. Cathy says

    Hi Cathy – I used the Message in a Cookie Holiday Cookie Cutters from William Sonoma. You can assemble your own message and stamp it on Christmas cookie cutouts. Lots of fun.

  6. Fresh Local and Best says

    I think your gingerbread cookies look SPECTACULAR! I'm sure everyone is going to be jazzed when they step up to the table.

  7. SavoringTime in the Kitchen says

    I love the Hi Kathleen at the end 😉 Why didn't I think of that! What a wonderful idea for to use them for place cards too. I am a terrible cookie decorator but I think yours turned out good!

  8. Lori (All That Splatters) says

    Cathy, I think you did a wonderful job in your cookie decorating!! It does take some time, though, doesn't it?!

    Your table is so pretty – the dishes are beautiful and your silverware is so elegant!

  9. theUngourmet says

    They are just darling. What a wonderful idea this is! I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas! :0)

  10. The Quintessential Magpie says

    Kathy, what an adorable table, and I think the gingerbread cookies are great! I love them!

    Here's wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas…


    Sheila :-)

  11. Bellini Valli says

    A lovely table to add that extra touch!!We hope your Christmas is filled with joy, laughter and many kitchen successes in the New Year…you never know what 2010 will bring.

  12. Sophie says

    Very beautiful table setting!! Waw!!

    I love your baked goodies!! I am also going to give home made gifts!

    I wish you & your family a happy & merry Christmas & a fun & wonderful 2010!!

  13. annie says

    I've found your site through Noble Pig, and I'm very impressed with your culinary skills. I also read some of the other bloggers above. I'm in awe of the time and creativity you all give to your blogs.It goes to show that no matter where you live in the world, food talk is universal. Happy holidays.

  14. Kathleen says

    Hi Cathy!
    Your table looks beautiful! I love how the cookies came out. They look perfect as name cards..
    Now I have to try it with gingerbread for sure. Just when I thought I would put the cutters away!

    I am sure all who come to your table are in for a fabulous meal, and a wonderful time!
    Enjoy, and of course, Merry Christmas..
    (will the real Kathleen please eat the cookie, LOL)

  15. susan says

    Cathy-Merry Christmas to you! The cookies will be a perfect placecard–no matter if they are not picture perfect! I'm afraid frosting and decorating are not my forte's either. I would love to take a course–maybe 2010! Take care!

  16. Deeba PAB says

    Gorgeous table setting, and wonderful cookies! I love how you brought it all together!
    Merry Christmas & wishes for a magical New Year!

  17. Rettabug says

    Very sweet looking table, Cathy! (pun intended) I ♥ the lettering on the cookies & I must find myself a set of those tiny letter stamps. I hunt around on your blog to see if I can determine a source.

    I hope you're having a beautifully blessed Christmas with your family!!

    Thank you for all the inspiration you've provided this year. My meals have been better for it!


  18. Jamie says

    Your table setting is beautiful and it's not possible to dress a table more festively! I love the cookies, they are perfect! What a fabulous gift to hand out at Christmas! I hope your holiday season is full of laughter and joy and brings a New Year of health, happiness and all good things for you and yours!

  19. Jane says

    Wow! Martha Stewart has got nothing on you, Cathy! Your table, and your gingerbread people, are just beautiful. Very lovely and impressive indeed. Clearly a lot of work and care goes into your celebration. How lucky your family is! I want to come to your house for Christmas next year!

    :) Jane

  20. Lisa says

    What a beautiful table setting. I love the cookies! Years ago I always made gingerbread cookies with royal icing. The icing was elaborate and a big job but so beautiful. I would like to do that again. I'll mark your post for inspiration!

  21. Cherie says

    I was 'searching' for Maple Nut Coffee Twist recipe and found your blog. It's great and I want to share with you a great place to learn to decorate cookies. (Although, I think you did a fine job) She gives free tutorials and you will love her. go to
    I have been a customer of Karen's for a number of years and have made very professional looking cookies because of her site….enjoy
    Cherie Bamrick
    Green Bay , WI
    Gp Pack

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