Broiled Tomato Cheddar Sammies

On my day trip to the Oregon coast last week I stopped by the Tillamook Cheese Factory in the town of Tillamook. I love all the cheeses but always go straight to the sharp blocks of cheddar because this fantastic cheese is an ingredient in so many of my favorite recipes. The Tillamook creamery is in the heart of Oregon’s dairy country and, if you get off the main road and do a little driving you can see acre after acre of cattle and the beautiful old barns where they live. The area used to be dotted with small dairies and I can remember stopping off at different ones with my parents when they needed cheese. Now most of the farmers sell milk to the co-op, but you can still run across a small dairy here and there that make it’s own cheese. Local specialty cheeses have become hugely popular again and can be found at many farmer’s markets around the state. But you can’t beat Tillamook Cheese medium and sharp cheddar.

When I was first married years ago my mother-in-law often made this delicious open-faced sandwich . She was a vegetarian before it was popular and had some excellent, quick cheese based recipes we all loved. As always, the secret to the goodness is in the quality of the ingredients.

Broiled Tomato Cheddar Sammies

French bread slices
Sliced tomatoes
Fresh minced dill
Tillamook cheddar cheese
Chopped parsley

Arrange slices of French bread on a baking sheet. Place under the broiler and toast till lightly browned. Turn the bread over and spread on a layer of mayo, top with tomato slices, sprinkle on a little dill (I’ve used dried in a pinch and it works well), and top with a generous helping of grated cheese. Broil until bubbly and browned.

F.Y.I. My grandchildren gave me a box of the green bags you see on TV commercials for my birthday last month and, I have to tell you, they are great. They keep cilantro, parsley, sliced celery, lettuce and various other fruits and veggies fresh and appetizing for well over a week. This is quite a money saver and the bags are reusable. I highly recommend them.


  1. Suzy says

    Looks delicious. I am a cheese nut though. I like to make sandwiches like this is the middle of summer when the tomatoes are ripe. I use onion bread though and usually throw in a piece of ham.

    In Tacoma, near where I live there was a little local dairy that you could “drive through” to pick up cheese, milk and ice cream up until about a year ago. They closed it down. I was so sad. It was such a neat place to stop on my way home.

  2. Neas Nuttiness says

    This is a sandwich that I would love to sink my teeth into!
    I’m glad that you mentioned the Green Bags…I’ve been wanting to try them, but had no earthly clue if they worked. One of my kids mentioned that you can get them at Dollar General for 5 bucks a box.

  3. SusanQ says

    That looks so good, Cathy!

    What color is the wrapper on your favorite Tillamook cheese? I think I saw sharp and extra-sharp at our store.

    I haven’t seen the bags you mentioned. Are they available in stores or only online?

    I’m full of questions 😉

  4. La Table De Nana says

    They look great..I adore cheese:)

    And now I will consider the bags:) I have been tempted!

    Dill is Dillicious isn’t it? I have some in the fridge right now.
    My favorite is Basil..Thyme..Rosemary..and Chives..Now I am developing a taste for Coriander!
    And a no-brainer must have.I even like that now too.

  5. Kathleen says

    That looks delicious! I don’t think I have ever had local cheese..But I will look for your Tillamook cheese here..:).
    I mentioned the bags, Monique and Susan Q…I got mine in Cmas Tree Shops, 4.00 for 16…called Forever Green..I know I posted a pic of them too…
    I like them too Cathy, the veggies do seem to last longer, and I wash them and re use them several times…

  6. Cathy says

    I have Debbie Meyer’s Green Bags. That’s the only brand I’m familiar with. Haven’t tried any others. They are available at the Fred Meyer grocery chain (owned by Kroger I think).

    Susan, the sharp and medium cheddar are wrapped in orange plastic. Its so good.

  7. Julie says

    Those sammies look great…I’d take one now. I love your photos of local places there in Oregon, it’s a beautiful place :)

  8. Joie de vivre says

    I’ve passed a lot of dairies that say something like “Our milk makes Tillamook Cheese” but haven’t been to the factory. I bet it would be fun!

  9. Rosabela says

    I just made these as a mid morning snack and they were yummy! I didn’t have Cheddar cheese or French bread, so I used Gouda whole wheat bread instead. They were sooooo good! Thanks for sharing your MIL’s recipe.

  10. Sophie says

    Visiting that creamery and cheese factory sounds like it was a lot of fun; I used to love eating a similar sandwich in college–pure comfort food that goes delicious with a bowl of soup!

  11. Paula says

    Gosh, this looks really, really good. I don’t know when was the last time I had a sandwich like this. I love the tomato cheese combo. Great tip about the green bags. I’ve seen them, but didn’t know too much about them. :-)

  12. Jake Ten Pas says

    We just got back from lunch not to long ago, but that looks sooooo good. It sounds like your mother-in-law was a wise woman. Really, the only dietary restrictions that trouble us are those that keep us from eating cheese. We found your recipe for sammies so tasty that we made it our Post of the Day at
    Thanks for thinking of us,
    Jake Ten Pas
    Tillamook Cheese Fan Club

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